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Search Engine “SEO” tips for optimizing your blog content

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Nadir Naeem is a Media Director, Producer, Designer and Writer with over seven years of professional active experience. He has been writing for various e-magazines and blogs currently holding the position of Community Manager at BlogyMate (Elite). He is also a qualified Insurance Executive / Consultant in a Multi-National Insurance Company. You can check his profile at

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blogHow the “SEO” / Search Engine Optimization works:

A blog writer needs to specifically take care of its blog presence through an optimized search engine recognition system and how the content is viewed and shared further through amongst the viewers.  Even when the content is of incredible value and details the most important information about a specific topic, it would be left aside if not dealt properly.

The responsibility of the blogger is to takes the highest measures to ensure the search engine recognition a blog deserves, hence making it easy to find and viewed.

The biggest search engine “Google” has a profound method of identifying a particular content and this method is being implemented by the writers and bloggers to enhance their material fulfilling the required criteria for easy search identification. The latest measures taken by “Google” to minimize false and forced techniques by SEO pushers; limits the writers, bloggers and website owners to confine to the basic solid method, preserving the content in the longer run.

Search engine optimize your blog content:

There are some very important steps the Search Engine Optimization or the “SEO” requires and since not everyone can afford to buy various software such as “SEO Pressor” or any other similar customized software for guidance and proper execution of the content; the detailed methods given under would certainly help you overcome, complete and solve this requirement.

The Content:

If the content is of good quality, unique value, original and new; such as a topic seldom written or information with higher expertise and accuracy then it would hold a definitive search find and if it is SEO enhanced further, certainly would make the blog post appear on the first few pages of search result.

When a keyword is searched in the search bar, the search engine finds all such content available and places it on the search pages. The idea is to optimize your content so it appears on the first or second page of the search result. If the reader or viewer would find it important, they would bookmark or share it with their relative source. Since so much is being written on the Internet these days, a professional blogger’s responsibility is to take care of the requirements for a properly arranged content as per the search engine methods. The best optimized content would appear, clean and neat, sorted for these search finds.

The requirements include the content to be of minimum 500 – 700 words and would contain the keyword, such as “SEO”, “Search Engine Optimization/Recognition”, “Tips”, “Blog Optimization” and “Content” etc. as here in this article.

The main heading of the blog article should contain the keyword or a combination of keywords used in your topic and content as the “URL” or the “Website linking address” would contain your heading.

The “Keyword/words” should be repeated at 2 to 3 percent further in the content information or of the total word count.

The headings should be placed at least three times with the continuing information within the content and should also contain the “Keyword”. Since the “Keywords” could be mostly 1 to 3 words at a time, please be specific about being close to the topic in your content. Your topic is your “Keyword” in most cases, so when a researcher typing “SEO Tips” in the “Search bar” would help in leading and finding this content as well.

The first line of every paragraph should also contain the focus keyword or a combination of keywords after its heading as well as the last concluding line of your content.

Besides this also include a reference link related to your topic, of an article or website, that is highly viewed or valued and include a picture.

Other measures for “Search Engine Optimization”:

Now that the posted content is brought and placed in a proper order as per the search engine requirement, it would be firstly identified by the search engines and with the other tactics or legal practices such as “Meta Titles”, “Descriptions”, “Internal and External Links” and “Social website sharing” etc. would definitely establish a solid standing; upgraded and valued every three months by the search engine systems.

If the viewer ship and sharing of the content along with the consistent valued guest post and comments stays on the internet for some time it would eventually lead to a higher recognition and search placement.

Remember it is the quality and importance of the content in the first place which would make it valuable so keep the content up to the mark. The writer not only holds the responsibility of providing quality content but also his repute as a unique and valued writer, always being noticed and valued no matter what.

I would also be sharing other relative details and tips necessary for content optimization in my future article posts to have a better understanding of the “Search Engine Optimization” requirements for blog content.

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