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5 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

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Blogs are effective ways of promoting our products and services. People create blogs as means of increasing traffic to their websites or direct traffic to particular products. Often times than none, most of these blogs do not achieve this said objective as they do not gain the necessary exposure. Below are five ways in no particular order, you can boost  traffic to your blog and increase sales.

Submit Your Blog To Blog Search Engines

One of the ways to gain exposure to your blog in order to increase traffic is to submit it to  search engines. There are lots of blogs only search engines that helps boost targeted traffic to your site. It is necessary to give a good title and description to your blog to make it easy for people to find. Here are some of the Directories you can submit your blogs to:

  • Best of the Web Blog Search

     increase traffic to your blog

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  • Bloggeries
  • EatonWeb Blog Directory

and many more.

Regular Update of Your Content

Uploading a new post regularly is likely to get targeted traffic to your blogs from search engines  and blog services. Make new post daily to your blog and update existing ones with latest information.

Ping Your Blogs To Blog Services

Another way of getting traffic to your blog is to have a list of ping services. This allow you to notify blog directories and search engines automatically that your blog has been updated. Having a long ping list increase your chances of getting traffic to your blog from these sources. There are many ping services and here are a few of them you can add to your WordPress.

Add these in the following area:
Settings > Writing > Update Services

You can search for this list on Google or other search engines.

Post in forums

Forums are a good place to get targeted traffic. Post valuable information in forums and be sure to add link to your blog in your signature. Remember to only post on relevant information and not to spam them. Find a forum related to your niche and make positive contributions.

Add Popular News Readers Buttons

With sites like Yahoo, Google, Netvibes, MSN or Bloglines, having members areas, members can select sites with RSS feeds and get latest updates from different blogs which can be upto 50 blogs listed on a page.
RSS feeds can be notoriously difficult for your readers to understand, especially if your site caters to a non-technical audience. If you use a news readers button, users can easily add your blog to their members area.


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